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CBS analyst thinks PJ Washington is done for the NCAA Tournament

The good news is UK has nearly a full week before their next game. Will it be enough to get PJ back?

Drew Brown - Sea of Blue

There has been immense speculation as to how injured PJ Washington is and whether or not he will ever suit up for the Kentucky Wildcats again.

Yesterday, before the game started, Seth Davis of CBS Sports and The Athletic sent out a tweet that will make all of Big Blue Nation’s stomach turn.

For more context, Jamie Erdahl is a reporter and host for CBS Sports. She had a conversation with PJ yesterday in which PJ told her that he heard a pop during the final two minutes of the Tennessee game and it has progressively gotten worse since then.

I know, this is not what you wanted to hear, but I want to reiterate the fact that this is still speculation by Seth. The x-rays and MRI were still negative, and there’s a chance that once he takes his boot off, he’ll feel good enough to suit up.

With that being said, it may also be time to start coming to peace with the fact that we may not see PJ in a Kentucky uniform again. Injuries like this are very tricky, and I’m sure Kentucky will continue to give out as little information as possible to keep other teams guessing.

The truth is, no one knows PJ’s chances of playing outside of PJ, his family and John Calipari. It’s a true waiting game to see if he will get back onto the court. The only news we can give you is that the team plans to reevaluate PJ’s foot on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week, as they will remove the cast and see how he feels.

One bright spot in all of this has been watching PJ smiling and cheering on his teammates during the first two games. He certainly hasn’t looked like someone who thought his season was over.

All we can do is hope for the best while also bracing ourselves for the worst.