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Herro’s late free throws cost people a lot of money

Talk about a bad beat.

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Wofford v Kentucky Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The most popular betting lines to be found between the Kentucky Wildcats and Wofford Terriers on Saturday were 5 and 5.5. In case you are not familiar with gambling principles, that means if you bet on Kentucky with a line of 5.5, they would have to win by at least six points for you to win your bet.

There were a lot of people who put a lot of money on Wofford in this match-up. They did not necessarily need the Terriers to win, but just go get within five in order to make some cash.

Kentucky was leading by four points with six second remaining, and Tyler Herro was intentionally fouled after the inbounds pass with 4.2 seconds on the clock. Herro knocked down both free throws to push the lead to six, and with Wofford missing their final shot the Wildcats covered the spread.

That is a very late cover and further evidence that the guys in Vegas know exactly what they are doing. Unfortunately, those were some very expensive free throws for a few select bettors. For one man, those free throws represented a $210,000 swing.

He took Wofford to cover a five point spread, and he placed $110,000 on that bet. If Kentucky had won by just four points, he would have made $100,000 on that wager. However, the late free throws by Tyler Herro resulted in him losing all $110k of his original bet.

Gambling on sports is a dangerous game, my friends. No matter how lucky you are feeling, just remember that the house always wins in the end.