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Coach Cal shuts down UCLA rumors; plans to retire at UK

That’s my coach.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Jacksonville Practice Matt Stamey-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier on Wednesday, there was a report that Coach Cal was strongly considering taking the vacant UCLA Bruins job, and that the Bruins had offered a supposed $10 million up front to Calipari.

Cal went all night without addressing the rumors, maybe because he did not know about them, or maybe he just did not want to entertain such foolishness. On Wednesday night, the man himself spoke:

Even better than locking down Cal for one more year? He plans to spend his entire career here, and retire as the head coach of the Kentucky Wildcats, thus shutting down the silly, and yearly, rumor of Calipari leaving Kentucky. If he didn’t leave to coach LeBron James, he wont leave for UCLA.

It also helps that Brad has two years of school left, which we all thought would lock Cal down for at least two years. But, retiring here sounds a lot better.

I like my coach. Now let’s go win this damn thing.