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John Calipari donates docuseries money to charity

Coach Cal giving back.

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Following the success of their Facebook docuseries from last season, “Inside The Madness: Kentucky Basketball”, Calipari is set to make some big money from it.

Steve Berkowitz from USA Today revealed the number to be right at $1 million.

What exactly will the Wildcats do with the extra money?

Calipari says the money will be donated to charity.

“I’m proud of how they chose to allow themselves to be part of doing something that would make a difference in the lives of so many other people through charitable donations,” said Coach Cal. This was the right thing to do considering how much this program makes the school throughout the year, and it speaks volumes of this program that the players unanimously voted to appear in the series knowing the causes that the money would be going too. Calipari, an advocate for player’s rights within the NCAA, hinted at what the money would have gone to without regulations.

“In a perfect world,” said Calipari, “some of the money we made from the Facebook series would have been distributed to our players, but our rules simply won’t allow it.”

The $1 million has been split between multiple charities, including the Jimmy V Foundation and the Urban League of Lexington-Fayette County. Another portion of the money went to 19 students at UK’s College of Education for debt relief.

Finally, another portion is being placed in an educational fund to benefit and relieve the debt of the children of Calipari’s former staff, managers and players at UMass, Memphis and Kentucky.

For a program that preaches servant leadership, being your brother’s keeper, and transforming their players not only into great basketball players but into even better people, this is yet another classy move by Coach Cal.