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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Winning Time Edition

It’s win or go home time in the Bluegrass, and the First Four begins tonight. North Carolina and Kentucky are 1-2 in the Midwest, and all is (mostly) right with the world.

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NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-First Four Practice Brian Spurlock -USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen of the Big Blue Nation, and welcome to the Tuesday Morning Quickies. It’s NCAA Tournament Time, spring is in the air, and basketball insanity is taking over the country.

First, a brief comment on Kentucky’s situation. I am satisfied with the seeding, it is fine. No, it’s not ideal, but it’s about what you would expect after you lose a semifinal conference tournament game that you had mostly in hand due to lapses in focus and effort. In all honesty, I think the wear of the season finally got to this young group, and I’m not sure I totally regret the extra day of rest.

I’m not going to analyze the bracket, but suffice it to say that Kentucky has some challenges to overcome, although they are significantly less daunting than last season. Just win, baby.

Next is a breathless article in USA Today reporting that Calipari got (gasp!) paid about $1 million dollars for an all-access docu-series about the team last season, which he then promptly donated to charity. You can read the whole thing, but I was astonished at the “expose!” treatment of the giant nothing-burger that most people, let alone non-Kentucky fans, could give a rip about. Alas, that’s today’s media for you – everything is some kind of scandal if they can massage it into one.

Finally, the seed complaints. Please get over it. The NCAA is not out to screw UK, the sky is not falling, and the sun will (probably) rise tomorrow. If UK can get to the NCAA Tournament championship game from the #8 seed, it should be able to do it from the #2 spot.

No matter what the seed, you have to win the games, and getting to UNC should be no harder than it was in 2017, assuming they get through. We just need to make it a different result.

Tweet of the Morning

I don’t know, I think I’d rather face UNC than UVA in the regional final. So there’s that. But not playing in Louisville is a definite negative.

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  • I don’t care if it’s mocking Calipari, it’s really funny. Cal is a huckster, we all know he’s a huckster, and even he knows he’s a huckster. But he’s our huckster and we love him for it, because it’s all to promote Kentucky and UK basketball. He also happens to be one of the finest coaches ever to stalk the sidelines.
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  • CBS does computer simulations of the NCAA Tournament and has some surprising upset picks, including LSU losing in the first round, Arizona losing to Buffalo, and Miami losing to Loyola-Chicago among others.

Most of these don’t seem that surprising to me.

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