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Calipari mentions Grant Williams “flopping all over the place” in SEC Tournament

Coach Cal just said what everybody already knew.

Drew Brown - Sea of Blue

Anybody that follows college basketball in any shape or form is aware of the flopping that Tennessee Volunteers forward Grant Williams does on a game-to-game basis.

Twitter went ablaze about it once again after some questionable calls helped the Volunteers beat Kentucky on Saturday in the SEC Tournament semifinals in Nashville. It ultimately cost Kentucky a shot at a 1 seed, and Tennessee wound up passing the Cats in the seed line. That led to the Vols getting to play in Louisville for the South Region, while Kentucky was pushed to the Midwest Region.

Even John Calipari made mention of Williams’s antics during an interview after Selection Sunday at his home. Thanks to video from Curtis Burch of the Big Blue Insider, fans were able to hear Cal’s exact comments and body language.

“The kid made the corner three, Williams, shows how mentally and physically tough he is. Not just physically, throwing his body, flopping all over the place, getting fouls called, charges were blocks, and all this, it didn’t because he made foul shots and he made that three in the corner.” Calipari told reporters on the porch of his Lexington home.

It was obvious that Calipari’s comments were actually meant to be a compliment to the SEC Player of the Year. But there may have also been some “read between the lines” material embedded in his statements.

Regardless, I am sure that Kentucky fans didn’t mind him using the word “flop” when discussing Grant Williams.

This will be a problem that Kentucky will not have to deal with again until the Final Four, should both UK and UT advance that far.

Can you imagine a Round 4 war between these teams with a trip to the National Championship on the line?

We can only hope.