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Michigan State’s Big Ten Championship kept Kentucky away from Duke

Michigan State leapfrogged Kentucky and still got stuck with Duke.

@kindseybernhard via twitter

Today, the Michigan State Spartans defeated the Michigan Wolverines to win the Big Ten Championship.

With the win, the Spartans “leapfrogged Kentucky” in the bracket, according to NCAA Selection Committee member Brandon Muir.

One would think by leapfrogging Kentucky, Michigan State would avoid Zion Williamson and the Duke Blue Devils, who Kentucky would have to share a region with.

Instead, the opposite happened. Michigan State will be the 2 seed in the East Region, where Duke is the top seed, while Kentucky will be the 2 seed in the Midwest with North Carolina.

With this being the case, Kentucky should be very thankful that the Spartans won today.

With Williamson back on the floor, the Blue Devils dominated their way through the ACC Tournament, clinching not just a tournament championship, but the top overall seed in the NCAA Tournament.

However, despite being a higher 2 seed than Kentucky, the Spartans are stuck with the Blue Devils and a far less favorable path to the Final Four.

And frankly, there’s no reason Michigan State should be ahead of Kentucky. The Spartans have some really bad losses, including Indiana (twice) and Illinois. Winning the Big Ten is nice, but it was wrong they passed Kentucky on the seed line.

So in a way, the NCAA screwed Kentucky, but it actually helped out the Cats in the long run.

It’s all hard to understand, but all Kentucky should be saying is thank you.

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