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NCAA investigating Kansas’ football and basketball programs

Both programs are in the preliminary stages of investigations by the NCAA for possible violations.

NCAA Basketball: Baylor at Kansas Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas Jayhawks basketball program is no longer the only sport being investigated by the NCAA on their own campus.

According to CBS Sports, the NCAA is also looking into their football program for possible wrongdoing.

“A source working with the attorney for former Jayhawks football coach David Beaty told CBS Sports that Beaty was interviewed by the NCAA on Feb. 27 as part of an ongoing inquiry regarding possible wrongdoing by a former assistant coach.”

The Jayhawk basketball program was already under scrutiny from the recent FBI investigations. CBS reported last month that Kansas officials were worried an NCAA infractions case would arise as a result of Silvio De Sousa’s reinstatement case. It’s believed an NCAA enforcement official has been on campus conducting investigations into the basketball program, but KU coach Bill Self hasn’t been interviewed yet.

The investigations into both sports are reportedly in their earlier stages. To this point, it’s unknown whether the university has received a Notice of Allegations for investigation for either sport. This notice would specify the allegations made by the NCAA. While this report is not publicly released by the NCAA, it can normally be obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request.

Since little is known about both investigations and both are in the early stages, it’s unclear what violations are being looked into by the NCAA. However, Kansas assistant Kurtis Townsend was heard on an FBI wiretap last October discussing what it would take to land Zion Williamson to the Jayhawks.

Regardless of what is being alleged, it comes at a tough time for both programs. The basketball team is in the midst of the Big 12 tournament after an up and down regular season, and Les Miles is starting his first year as their head football coach in Lawrence. This is not what you’d like to be hearing about right now if you’re a fan of Kansas.