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Evan Daniels talks 2020 recruits that could join Kentucky in 2019

Reclassifying recruits could be how the 2019 class is finished.

Basketball: USA Men’s Junior National Team Minicamp Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

In recent years, reclassifying has been a very popular option for high school players. Kentucky has landed reclassified players in the past, and have one on the team this season in Ashton Hagans.

As we move forward, it is looking like more and more kids are going to be taking the reclassification road.

Coach Cal and his staff are in the hunt for some of the potential reclassified prospects in 2020, and Evan Daniels of 247 Sports broke down who could be making the move to 2019.

With that being said, let’s take a look at what he had to say about the players Kentucky is looking at.

RJ Hampton is one of the top guards in the nation for 2020, and he has been on both sides of the isle when it comes to reclassifying or not. It is believed that Duke is likely the favorite to land Hampton, but Kentucky is still in the hunt and he could still reclassify.

“This one has long been rumored,” Daniels wrote. “Then just before his junior season, RJ Hampton said he was going to stick in the 2020 class, but now that may be up in the air. From talking to those close to him, Hampton is considering moving to the 2020 class, but it’s certainly not a guarantee. I’d put it at 50-50. Hampton’s list of five are Duke, Kansas, Kentucky, Memphis and TCU. Was also told it would have to be a great scenario for Hampton to consider. With Duke’s Tre Jones trending towards the draft, could Hampton be his replacement?”

Isaiah Todd is one of the top forwards in the 2020 class, and for a while it was believed that he would reclassify and join the Kentucky Wildcats for 2019. However, while Kentucky still looks like the favorite, it doesn’t look like they will have him in 2019.

“There was a lot of talk about Isaiah Todd reclassifying from 2020 to 2019,” according to Daniels. “While it’s certainly still an option/possibility, the word is that he’s strongly leaning towards staying in the 2020 class. Let’s put it at 90 percent. Things can always change in recruiting, but as of now I think he stays in 2020. In terms of schools, it’s my belief that Kentucky is the current favorite, with UNC just behind them.”

N’Faly Dante is starting to look like the post presence that Kentucky needs to go after if they bring in a reclassified big. Currently ranked as the No. 11 prospect in 2020, Dante is believed to be strongly considering a move to 2019.

“Sunrise Christian big man N’Faly Dante is strongly considering reclassifying to the 2019 class,” Daniels said. “In fact, I think it’s likely that he makes the move. A source close to the situation said, “he’s still thinking about it.” Dante is a force in the paint and currently ranked No. 11 overall in the 2020 class. There are four schools involved in Dante’s recruitment -- Kentucky, Kansas, LSU and Oregon.”

Still on the table for Kentucky is the possibility of landing Keion Brooks who is the No. 23 overall player and the No. 6 small forward in 2019. Indiana was the favorite for a while, but recently more and more people believe he is headed to Kentucky. With his announcement coming on March 15th, Daniels still isn’t sure what to make of Brooks’ decision.

With a lot on names still on the table, wrapping up the 2019 class is going to be an interesting follow to see who will be on the roster next season for the Cats.

You can see what Evan Daniels said about non-Kentucky targets here.