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Wildcat Country Podcast: Drew Brown & Aaron Gershon predict the SEC Tournament

Will Kentucky win their 5th-straight SEC Tournament? Listen to find out Drew and Aaron’s opinion.

The latest installment of Wildcat Country with Drew Brown and Aaron Gershon from A Sea of Blue is live.

The podcast was formally hosted by Curtis Burch, one of the hardest working men in Kentucky sports. He can still be found hosting the Locked On UK Podcast with Kyle Tucker of The Athletic, Big Blue Insider, and various other outlets.

This week, we:

  • Recapped the SEC Awards
  • Talked about the LSU Drama
  • Debated if Kentucky and Duke will be put in same bracket
  • Predicted each game of the SEC Tournament

Drew will look to interview some guests as he travels to Nashville to cover the SEC Tournament.

Regardless, Drew and Aaron will return in two weeks. Next week you can catch Michelle Brown of Cam Mills Radio and Cam Cundiff as they host the Wildcat Country Podcast.

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