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Bracketology Roundup: Kentucky & Gonzaga still holding on to 1 seeds

Despite a terrible loss, Gonzaga is slated as a 1 seed.

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Earlier in the year, it was thought that the Kentucky Wildcats had messed up their chance of getting the Louisville regional for the NCAA Tournament.

However, they have now played their way back into that spot, as several projections have the Cats being the 1 seed in the South Region.

That includes the latest Bracketology with Joe Lunardi, where Kentucky currently sits as the top seed in the South Region with a very favorable path to the Elite Eight, but a tough path to the Final Four since Duke is the 2 seed.

If Kentucky played the highest seed throughout, their path would be Sam Houston State, VCU, a revenge game with Kansas State, and then they would have to beat Duke in Louisville to make it to Minneapolis.

However, if Duke doesn’t get Zion Williamson back, then that matchup gets easier and increases the chances of them getting upset before the Elite Eight. Still, it appears very likely Zion is back this week, so a matchup with Duke could prove to be as difficult of a matchup as Kentucky could face in the Big Dance.

In my opinion, the Cats will lock up the 1 seed in Louisville if they win Friday night and then knock off Tennessee on Saturday. If Tennessee beats Kentucky, then I think the Cats would fall to a 2 seed and not be in the South Region.

A surprising thing in the bracket is the fact that the Gonzaga Bulldogs are still slated as a one seed, despite the very bad loss they suffered Tuesday night to Saint Mary’s.

When you look at their resume, it does not look deserving of a one seed. Gonzaga is 4-3 in Quadrant one games. In comparison, Virginia is 11-2, Kentucky 10-4, UNC 9-5, Duke 8-4 and Tennessee 7-4.

Not only have they struggled against quality opponents, they are 1-2 against other teams competing for a 1 seed. They beat Duke and lost to both UNC and Tennessee. I don’t think it should even be a debate, they do not have a 1 seed resume.

It’s more or less the same in CBS Sports’ latest bracketology, where Kentucky and Duke are the top seeds in the South, while Gonzaga held on to a 1 seed in the West.

USA Today and Bracket Wag actually have Kentucky as a 2 seed in the South with North Carolina as the 1 seed.

According to Bracket Matrix, which rounds up every bracketology, has Kentucky as the final 1 seed, trailing North Carolina, Gonzaga and Virginia. Duke is the top 2 seed, and Tennessee is actually the third 2 seed behind Michigan State. Perhaps the Vols aren’t as close to a 1 seed as everyone thinks.