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Sunday Quickies: Tourney Time Edition

The Cats lock up a 2 seed in the SEC Tournament after beating Florida.

Jason Marcum - Sea of Blue

The Kentucky Wildcats closed out the regular season with a win over the Florida Gators. It’s an important win because the Cats locked up a 2 seed in the SEC Tournament and they will get no worse than a 2 seed one week from today on Selection Sunday.

Ashton Hagans returned to form yesterday and Keldon Johnson has had two solid games in a row. EJ Montgomery seems to be finding his way as he continues to improve game by game.

The one unknown factor is the health of Reid Travis. John Calipari didn’t sound too optimistic about his chances of playing this weekend in Nashville. Two things are clear to me: This team can win the SEC Tournament without him but they cannot win a national title without him.

Cal’s being careful with Travis and I can’t blame him.

Tweets of the Day

1 seed in the Louisville Region worthy?

I was there last night and can confirm they sound amazing.

And here is the worst tweet of the day.


Battle for the one seeds | WDRB- Virginia and Gonzaga have two of the one seeds locked up. North Carolina, Kentucky, and Tennessee are all vying for the next two spots. If I were giving them out, they would go to UK and UNC. The wheels have all but come off for Duke since they lost Zion and Tennessee’s loss to Auburn was a bad look.

Jerry Palm has UK as a one seed | Cats Pause- UK and Tennessee will likely meet again in the SEC Tournament and that meeting could determine the one seed.

Cats winners and losers | CBS- Kentucky’s chances of being a one seed and locking up a two seed in the SEC Tournament make them winners but the ongoing questions around Reid Travis should have people worried.

Power Rankings | ESPN- Cats are number four as UNC leapfrogs them. One can’t argue the Tar Heels’ recent success.

Zion expected back Thursday | Sporting News- I may get crushed for this take but here it goes: I think Coach K would actually push Zion Williamson to play even if he isn’t 100% whereas Cal is going to be careful with Reid Travis. K is a very selfish coach and nothing matters more to him that his own numbers.

Antonio Brown traded to the Raiders | Bleacher Report- Antonio Brown has take the mantle of biggest Diva Wide Receiver in the NFL and he’s been begging for a trade. The Steelers obliged and planted him firmly with the franchise where players go to die.

Brandon Ingram done for season | ESPN- Lonzo Ball has already been shut down and now Ingram joins him. LeBron James’ decision to go to LA has been a complete disaster. I like LeBron but I don’t feel sorry for him one bit. He moved to LA to be a movie star and celebrity, the basketball decision was secondary. Who in their right mind would have chosen to go to the Lakers to win with THAT roster?