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WATCH Kentucky’s “We’re Here” hype video

It’s time to get hyped for March Madness!

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Get ready to run through a wall! Kentucky just released a promo video and it’s sure to get you excited.

It’s March, and we all know what that means — it’s March Madness baby! This month is arguably the best in all of sports as college basketball shines throughout. Each game is amplified as teams try to position themselves for their conference tournaments and the NCAA Tournament.

When tournament play starts, all bets are off, and it becomes every team for themselves. At the beginning of the year when the Cats traveled to the Bahamas, they looked like the best team in the country.

Then, Duke happened.

After the most embarrassing loss of the Calipari era, the Cats have had to scratch and claw their way back to the top.

Check out Kentucky Basketball’s new promo video that is meant to get you ready for all of the madness this glorious month has to offer:

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