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Wenyen Gabriel & Megan Calipari call out clickbait article involving John Calipari

Shameful, but nothing new.

Harvard v Kentucky Photo by Bobby Ellis/Getty Images

Once again, John Calipari is being used to help bring more attention to an article that has nothing to do with him.

It’s become common practice with various media outlets, the latest being an Oregon Live article about how Adidas bankrolled a black market for top teenage talent.

It’s actually a good look into the shameful acts that Adidas has committed in order to secure the services of elite high school talent. Among the coaches mentioned in the article include Bill Self (for good reason) and Rick Pitino (even more good reason).

Guess who wasn’t mentioned in the article?

John Calipari.

Guess who was featured in the main photo for this story?

John Calipari.

It’s a sad attempt to bring more attention to the article, aka Clickbait 101.

Even former Kentucky Wildcats forward Wenyen Gabriel thought this was a laughable offense.

Megan Calipari also weighed in:

It’s sad that media outlets resort to these types of tactics to draw more readers, but it’s becoming far too common these days.