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Monday Quickies: Not so Super Sunday Edition

Super Bowl is Super dud, Brad Calipari laughs at fashion police, UK Hoops beat Florida, and more!

NFL: Super Bowl LIII-New England Patriots vs Los Angeles Rams Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Well that happened. The New England Patriots defeated the Los Angeles Rams 13-3 in one of the most dreadful Super Bowls in recent memory.

The nation wept as Tom Brady once again added to his ring collection (personally I don’t mind him). His continued dominance in the playoffs is something that we may never see on this level of football again. It’s truly stunning how his team is in it every year with a continuously rotating cast of characters.

This was a dud of a Super Bowl Week and it was capped off by a dud of a game. I stopped watching at 9:00 PM so I could catch the latest episode of True Detective on HBO.

Be that as it may, football is over. Really, I thought it was over after NFL Championship weekend. I had no interest in this game and I think the rest of America echoed a similar opinion based upon the reactions on social media.

And that halftime show..... woof.

Tweets of the Day

PJ Washington has been amazing for the last month. The best thing about his game right now is his on the court leadership. He isn’t letting his teammates slide.

Happy Birthday Papa Calipari!

I bet they’re still going.


Brad Calipari not worried about the fashion Police | Lexington Herald Leader- Brad Calipari has had a great sense of humor recently. He gets more of his fair share of hate because of who he is but he takes it all in stride. In fact he signed one of the posters making fun of him when the Cats were in Florida.

Kentucky football Super Bowl commercial | UK Athletics- If you haven’t seen this, stop what you’re doing right now and watch. Turn out the lights and turn up the sound. #BringIt

PJ Washington rattles cages | Cats Pause- Right before Kentucky’s furious comeback in Gainesville PJ Washington was getting in the faces of his teammates on defense. After that, the Cats went on a run and finished Florida off. THIS is the PJ we all wanted to see when he decided to come back.

Rick Bozich has Cats on the rise | WDRB- Bozich has an AP ballot vote and he has the Kentucky Wildcats at #4 and with good reason. The Cats haven’t lost since their game at Alabama at the beginning of January. “4. Kentucky (18-3) — Those final 14 minutes in Gainesville should be bottled and saved for March.” Yup.

CBS top 25 and 1 | CBS- Gary Parrish continues to beclown himself and look past the Cats. I’m stunned he didn’t move UNC over them (I know he wanted to).

Cats cap comeback against the Gators | The team effort in the second half was outstanding but the leadership of Washington and the clutch shooting of Tyler Herro sparked the comeback.

Cats blast Gators in Rupp | UK Athletics- The Women’s team followed the lead of them Men’s team and beat the Gators by 11.

Cats need to set up a second home in Gainesville.

Rams elite effort on defense wasted | Sporting News- The Rams have one of the most fearsome front seven in all of the NFL and they played like it on Sunday. But the high flying offense was stunted therefore the defensive effort was all for naught.

Commercials recap | CBS- Admittedly I didn’t catch many of the commercials but I think folks were less than impressed.

5 most well balanced teams in college basketball | NCAA- Kentucky isn’t on this list. But somehow Michigan State, Iowa State, and North Carolina are. Can’t wait until March.