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Penny Hardaway taken to school by ESPN’s Rece Davis

Memphis has now lost two games in a row following Hardaway’s controversial comments. and Davis didn’t hold back.

NCAA Basketball: Southern Methodist at Memphis Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Things just keep getting worse for Memphis head coach Penny Hardaway since his controversial “jealous” remarks.

Not only did his team lose on the road at South Florida on Saturday, but he was also absolutely taken to school by Rece Davis on Saturday during ESPN College GameDay.

Hardaway has been taking a lot of criticism after making comments last week implying that other coaches and programs were “jealous” of his NBA career. Obviously, most people disagree with this assertion for a variety of reasons, and the Tigers getting down 26-1 to start their game at USF on Saturday only added more fuel to that fire.

Hardaway has done himself no favors in the media in his very short tenure as an NCAA head coach. His team has now lost two in a row dropping to 5-4 in the American Athletic Conference. Memphis has lost both of the games following Hardaway’s unpopular comments, which may or may not have also been a subtle jab at John Calipari.

No one seemed more annoyed with Hardaway’s antics than ESPN’s Rece Davis, who went on national television and took the former NBA All-Star back to school.

“Penny Hardaway is absolutely right about that, because everybody who didn’t play in the NBA is jealous of people who did, because they had big money.

“And you know what else? Penny is jealous of people who were better than him in the NBA. And Penny’s probably jealous of other coaches around the country who have a bigger budget, a better plane, better practice facility, you know, why that is?

“As the great American philosopher Jerry Seinfeld once said, ‘I’m jealous of everybody.’

“Everybody is jealous of everybody. Penny, so here’s an idea — win some more games, get to the top, keep recruiting, and make them even more jealous.”

Aside from signing a great 2019 recruiting class, headlined by James Wiseman, to this point, there is nothing that Hardaway can hang his hat on. Davis is right when he tells Penny to just focus on winning more games.

Let’s not forget that just a few months ago, Rick Barnes was a target of Hardaway’s verbal attack in the media after the Vols took down Memphis. When has Barnes ever said anything remotely controversial and mean-spirited?

There is no doubt that Memphis has seen a major jolt in recruiting but there has yet to be any translation to court improvement. So, until that happens, it would be wise for Penny to focus more on winning on the court than making noise off of it.