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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickes: Happy Birthday Benny Snell Edition

Benny Snell has his 21st birthday today, and Kentucky fans hope to celebrate both that and their fifth straight win against Arkansas in Rupp Arena tonight.

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Good morning, ladies and gentlemen of the Big Blue Nation, and welcome to the Tuesday Morning Quickies.

One thing I think we can all safely say after the events of the last couple of weeks, especially the last two Saturdays – the Kentucky team we expected to see back in August has finally emerged.

I suppose given our experience with Kentucky in the Calipari era, we shouldn’t be surprised at all to see this. Expectations being what they are, though, I had my doubts at times.

I’m not sure how the rest of you felt, but I was even more surprised at how the Wildcats crushed Auburn than the convincing win over Tennessee the week before. Auburn has been a good team this season, and they haven’t taken a drubbing like that at the hands of any team. Remember the six point loss they had against Duke?

The Arkansas team coming into Rupp Arena tonight has really hit the skids lately, losing five in a row. To be fair, three of them have been on the road and all but two have come against good teams, but they are really struggling to find ways to win.

I don’t really expect them to challenge Kentucky in Rupp unless the Wildcats just sleepwalk into the game tonight. Arkansas will be fired up as usual, but they have really struggled to get road victories throughout the history of the series. In fact, of the 11 victories the Razorbacks have posted against UK, only 3 of them have been in Rupp Arena, and of those, only one (2014) has been achieved since 1994. Kentucky is currently on a six-game winning streak against the Hogs.

Arkansas is young and struggles to shoot the three, but is very deep and has good if inexperienced talent. Rebounding has been a major problem for them all year, and against Kentucky, it is likely to continue to be an issue. But they do turn teams over a lot, and Kentucky isn’t exactly frugal with the ball, so there is danger.

But I don’t think it will be enough this time.

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