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Joe B. Hall congratulates John Calipari on his 297th win at UK

Coach Cal is now in second place at UK in all-time wins, and Coach Hall was happy to see it.

John Calipari

John Calipari continues to move up Kentucky’s all-time wins list.

On Tuesday, Calipari and his Kentucky Wildcats notched a 66-58 win over Missouri, his 297th win as head coach of the greatest program in college basketball. That put Cal in a tie with Joe B. Hall for the second-most wins ever at Kentucky.

“What Coach Hall did for Kentucky, following an absolute legend, maybe one of the greatest to ever coach this game,” Calipari said after the game. “He had to walk in and follow Adolph Rupp. Then get to Final Fours, win a national title. I mean, what he did here, how he did it, and then he’s become my mentor and my friend.

“From Day 1, he’s been in practice. He’s still trying to get me to play that crazy 1-3-1. He tells me all the time, ‘You need to play it. I’m telling ya, I can put it in in a day.’ I say, ‘Put it in, Coach.’

“Our fans have been so great to him, but you want him to have his place in history.”

Shortly after Tuesday’s win, UK released a video honoring Cal’s accomplishment with a message from Coach Hall:

“John, you’re doing this a little bit early but go ahead, break my record. It’s there to be broke, and I’m proud that it’s you,” said Hall. “John, I would never, ever regret that you came here. You were born to coach at Kentucky and you’ve done a marvelous job maintaining the tradition, keeping the spirit up of the crowd and keeping this program on top, and it’ll stay there as long as we have people like you at the helm.

“So good luck, and we’re all pulling for a new (points to national championship logo) right here.”

The love Coach Hall has for Calipari and Kentucky is truly a beautiful thing.