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Brad Calipari goes with new unique outfit & has fun with trolling Florida fans

An ode to Two-Face?

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Brad Calipari is just trolling everyone at this point, and it’s amazing.

The youngest Calipari continues to sport eye-opening outfits during Kentucky games, the latest being a rare two-color outfit that I’ve frankly never seen a real person ever wear:

It certainly had Twitter buzzing for the second straight Saturday, as Brad went with a Sopranos/A Night at the Roxbury look during Kentucky’s win over the Kansas Jayhawks this past weekend.

That outfit actually had some Florida Gators fans attempting to troll Brad before today’s game began, but he had some fun with it:

It’s clear that Brad is simply having fun with the unique outfits each game. If anything, perhaps his teammates are daring him to wear these during games.

Regardless, it’s all good humor.

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