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SEC contacts NCAA about replay change involving basket interference

It appears the ball is rolling toward a solution that would prevent Tuesday’s debacle going forward.

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NCAA Basketball: Louisiana State at Kentucky Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

The Kentucky Wildcats’ loss to LSU was gut-wrenching, and it may lead to a rule change that prevents a similar ending from happening again.

According to Kyle Tucker of The Athletic, the SEC has already spoken with the NCAA about expanding the use of replay in end-of-game situations, such as the missed basket interference call that allowed LSU to escape with a 73-71 win.

It’s unfortunate that such a bad call had to ruin a great matchup between two top-25 teams, but if there’s anything good to come of it, it would be a making sure it never happens again. Being able to review basket interference would certainly help that.

It’s just too fast of a bang-bang call for refs to call accurately 100% of the time. That’s why replay exists; to help prevent human error from costing a team dearly. It makes too much sense to incorporate basket interference into being reviewable with replay.

Of course, it would be hard for this rule to allow replays to change the call for a full 40-minute game, as TV timeouts and other replay-related reviews eat up a lot of time as it is. But allowing refs to change calls via replay in the last 1-2 minutes would be ideal.

What made Tuesday’s call even worse was just two hours later, Duke beat Louisville thanks to a charge call on Duke being overturned via replay to a blocking call, allowing Duke to hit two free throws to win the game, 71-69. If that can be reviewed, it’s pretty obvious that basket interference should be as well.

Be sure to reach Tucker’s full piece, which actually includes a statement from the SEC on the issue.