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Bracketology roundup: Kentucky still in good shape ahead of Tennessee matchup

Hopefully you like Kansas City BBQ.

Jamie Boggs - Sea of Blue

March Madness is right around the corner, and the general picture of the NCAA Tournament bracket is starting to form. While there is still a lot of room for movement, many teams are beginning to solidify the range of seeds that they could end up with.

As of today, Kentucky’s position is very consistent across all prognostications. Unless there is a total collapse by the Wildcats, or one of the current 1-seeds, Kentucky is likely to settle on the 2-seed line.

Not only do most projected brackets have them as a 2-seed, but they are also consistently placed in the Midwest. That regional competition would take place in Kansas City, although they may end up as close as Columbus for the first weekend.

Joe Lunardi of ESPN projects that Kentucky’s path to the Final Four will go through 3-seed Kansas and 1-seed Virginia.

The Cavaliers are matched up as the top seed in the Wildcats’ bracket across the board. Out of all of the 1-seeds, I think Big Blue Nation would prefer Virginia. Going through Cincinnati and a hobbling Kansas team is certainly enticing as well. has Kentucky in virtually the same situation, although the second round match-up could be against a promising Baylor team.

Bracketville’s projection is more similar to that of Lunardi, but this bracket has Kentucky playing in nearby Columbus, OH. I would imagine many Kentucky fans would prefer that to another trip to Des Moines.

The bracketology from CBS Sports falls in line with that as well. Although, like the bracket, it does set up a potential match-up with an opponent that has beaten Kentucky in the Alabama Crimson Tide.

With pretty much every projection placing Kentucky as the 2-seed in the Midwest Region, it seems that something big would have to change to move the needle for the Wildcats. That could be a 1-seed that takes a negative turn, Kentucky handling Tennessee two or three times, or even just a shuffling between Tennessee and Virginia in a battle for the South Regional.

Which of these projections would you choose for Kentucky if you had to lock it in today?