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Kentucky had its own controversial play on final possession

Was there basket interference by Kentucky prior to LSU’s game-winning shot?

LSU v Kentucky Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Tuesday night was a tough one to stomach.

The Kentucky Wildcats had a promising first half, but the LSU Tigers were simply the better team when the game mattered most. LSU outscored Kentucky by 10 in the second half and controlled the game and didn’t trail after the 8:40 mark.

The problem is the final sequence of plays that ultimately decided the game. Kavell Bigby-Williams tipped in the game-winning shot on what was an obviously goaltend, no matter how you spin it.

However, there was actually a possible basketball interference by EJ Montgomery on the Skylar Mays layup attempt, which if called, would have given LSU a lead with about one second left.

If that had been called interference, LSU would have went up 73-71, and Kentucky would have got the ball back with about a second left to attempt a hail mary.

The unfortunate thing about that play is it really had no impact on Mays missing the shot, but it still appeared to be interference by Montgomery.

But because Montgomery’s had didn’t actually affect the shot, it may have not been interference.

I admittedly was under the impression that any player sticking his hand through the cylinder on a shot attempt was automatic basketball interference, but based on those rules, it may have not been.

Either way, LSU simply made more plays down the stretch and was the better team in the second half. Had the game gone into overtime, it’s fair to think the Tigers would have won anyway, but it would have been nice to see it decided there, not on a pair of controversial plays at the end of regulation.