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Mark Stoops talks about DC search, which includes Mike Stoops

Will Mark Stoops hire his own brother to run the defense for Kentucky?

Rose Bowl Game - Oklahoma v Georgia Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Mark Stoops is looking for a new defensive coordinator after Matt House left for the Chiefs. Does that mean Mark will look to his own family coaching tree for a replacement?

In an interview with KSR, Mark revealed that he will “absolutely” consider brother Mike Stoops for the Kentucky Wildcats’ next defensive coordinator.

The former Oklahoma Sooners defensive coordinator was fired midway through the 2018 season after his defense became one of the worst of any Power 5 team (you can read more about him here). It definitely wouldn’t be the best hire Kentucky could make, but there is at least familiar between the Stoops brothers.

However, Mark did add that hiring from within could also be the route he goes, just as he did with Matt House when DJ Elliott left in 2017.

“I ultimately decided to give Matt (House) the job and it worked out pretty well,” said Stoops. “Now I have to look at it the same way.”

As of now, the best approach for Stoops is likely to hire either special teams coordinator/secondary coach Dean Hood or outside linebackers coach Brad White to be the next defensive play-caller for Kentucky.

But Stoops should absolutely look around the college football landscape to see if there are some good candidates for the job.

Ultimately, it looks like White is the early favorite for the job.

Be sure to listen to Mark’s full interview with KSR.

What would your thoughts be on Kentucky potentially hiring Mike Stoops to run the defense?