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Did UK prevent Matt House from joining Chiefs?

Some NFL insiders think UK ultimately said House couldn’t leave Lexington.

Matt House UK Athletics

This week has been an interesting one concerning whether or not the Kentucky Wildcats would lose defensive coordinator Matt House to the Kansas City Chiefs.

When the reports first came out, it looked as if House was going to take the offer and become the linebackers coach in Kansas City.

But not long after those reports came out, news emerged that it was not yet a done deal for him to leave.

Then on Saturday, it was reported that House had turned down the job offer and was going to stay at Kentucky.

But later that night this story took yet another turn.

It was reported from multiple NFL insiders that House did want to take the Kansas City job and it was essentially done, but then, Kentucky decided to prevent the move from happening.

NF Network reporter Ian Rapoport is one of the best in the business, so if he’s saying Kentucky prevented House from leaving, there may be some truth to it.

Then again, there is potential for this to be a spin that the Chiefs are trying to push so it doesn’t look like a Kentucky assistant coach turned them down.

There’s also the fact that this move would have meant House gave up his defensive coordinator duties to become a position coach. Sure, coaching in the NFL is what many college coaches want to do someday, but it’s still odd to think a coordinator in the SEC would rather be a position coach in the pros.

It is a bad look for Kentucky if they really did block House from taking a job he wanted with the Chiefs. Hopefully, whatever the truth is, it will emerge in the coming days and we’ll know all of the facts regarding House, Kentucky and the Chiefs.

Ideally, House and Kentucky will release a statement on the issue.