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Bowden audibled to game-winner; Vince Marrow calls him the greatest ever from UK

Is Bowden the best to ever wear a UK uniform?

Drew Brown - Sea of Blue

Lynn Bowden had the perfect ending to his college career when he delivered a perfect pass to Josh Ali for the go-ahead TD with 15 seconds remaining in the Belk Bowl to defeat the Virginia Tech Hokies.

However, that wasn’t the call when the Cats lined up.

After the game, Bowden revealed that he called an audible and told Ali to run a post route, and the rest is history.

“Probably gonna get in trouble for saying this, but I kinda checked out of it,” Bowden said. “Checked Josh into a post. He’s the best route runner on our team. You’re gonna 1-on-1 him? He plays in the SEC. Every week against the best corner there is in America. I saw him break in. I just threw it up. That’s my guy. He just went and made a play.”

Since taking over at QB, Bowden has put on phenomenal performance after phenomenal performance on the ground and he did it again today as he racked up 233 yards and two scores to further establish himself as one of the greatest athletes to ever play at UK.

There is no doubt that Bowden is one of the best players this program has ever seen, but Vince Marrow believes that he is THE best player to play at UK.

This was an incredible season for Kentucky Football, and none of it would be possible without the willingness of Bowden to make the move from WR to QB, and then have him leave it all on the field week after week.