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Kentucky Wildcats Morning Quickies: Louisville Schadenfreude Edition

Kentucky’s 45-13 domination of Louisville has provoked some interesting complaints from the Cardinal faithful.

NCAA Football: Louisville at Kentucky Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen of the Big Blue Nation, and welcome to the Tuesday Morning Quickies.

So, Kentucky dragged the Louisville football team around Kroger Field by their collective tongue, then drubbed the corpse -- for the second year in a row.

Let’s remember, for a moment, these results:

Year Winner Score Margin
2003 Louisville 40-24 16
2004 Louisville 28-0 28
2005 Louisville 31-24 7
2006 Louisville 59-28 31
2012 Louisville 32-14 18
2013 Louisville 27-13 14
2017 Louisville 44-17 27

Louisville, in the period between 1999 and 2017, went 13-6 against the Wildcats including beat-downs in 2004, 2006, 2012, and 2017. We didn’t like that.

The last two seasons, Kentucky has returned two of the three drubbings it suffered at Louisville’s hands in spades, by a combined score of 101-23.

Louisville doesn’t like that, and is whining quite loudly about both the score and the fact that some Kentucky partisans are mocking their obnoxious “L” hand-sign. Louisville coach Scott Satterfield even trolled his own fan base complaining about the mocking signal.

It is not Kentucky’s fault that Louisville’s run defense is adequate only against the manifestly inferior competition they faced in their ACC division. Any SEC team, including Vanderbilt, would’ve run for miles against Louisville’s inexperienced front. Even Kentucky’s reserves were having a field day, as one would expect after three quarters of bruising domination by one of the best offensive lines in the SEC.

Kentucky knows the feeling Louisville experienced all too well, having fielded a few of similarly loathsome quality in the past and placing them opposite dominant SEC O-lines. In fact, only recently has Kentucky gotten itself out of the funk that Louisville currently finds itself in. It’s a nice feeling.

Please join me for a moment in enjoying the sweetness of their collective tears, and smiling indulgently at their collective outrage and sad-sack lamenations. Enjoy it well, folks, because Satterfield is one heck of a fine coach, and this game will, at some time in the future, swing the other way. Will we whine? Probably. When did anyone accuse fans, especially in rivalry games, of rationality?

The basketball game promises to be super fun.

Tweet of the Morning

Pretty much how I feel as well. Also, what’s this whole “Ls down” thing? Look, if Louisville fans want to make hand signs promoting their team and school, don’t complain when others use a version of it to mock you. Snowflakes.

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