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The latest odds to win the NCAA national championship

After all the chaos, the odds are not really that different across the board.

John Calipari Jason Marcum - Sea of Blue

The preseason No. 1 Michigan State Spartans have already lost two games, one to unranked Virginia Tech. Kentucky had an embarrassing loss to Evansville, only to be topped by Duke losing at home to Stephen F. Austin.

Given all of the chaos, you would think Vegas’ preseason odds at winning the national title would be completely shaken up. Not so much.

2020 NCAA Championship - Odds to Win

Team 7/16/2019 12/2/2019
Team 7/16/2019 12/2/2019
Michigan State 7/1 9/1
Duke 9/1 10/1
Kansas 10/1 10/1
Kentucky 8/1 10/1
Louisville 16/1 12/1
Oregon 28/1 14/1
Gonzaga 20/1 16/1
North Carolina 14/1 16/1
Florida 20/1 20/1
Memphis 10/1 20/1
Michigan 25/1 20/1
Texas Tech 28/1 20/1
Virginia 11/1 20/1
Ohio State 33/1 22/1
Maryland 16/1 25/1
Villanova 20/1 25/1
Washington 40/1 25/1
Arizona 33/1 28/1
Auburn 33/1 28/1
Texas 50/1 28/1
Baylor Off the Board 33/1
Colorado Off the Board 33/1
Dayton Off the Board 33/1
Seton Hall 50/1 33/1
Tennessee 50/1 33/1
Florida State 50/1 40/1
Houston 66/1 40/1
Marquette 66/1 40/1
Purdue 50/1 40/1
Xavier 66/1 40/1
Connecticut Off the Board 50/1
Mississippi State 50/1 50/1
Utah State Off the Board 50/1
VCU Off the Board 50/1
Cincinnati 66/1 66/1
Creighton Off the Board 66/1
LSU 66/1 66/1
Saint Mary’s Off the Board 66/1
Georgia Off the Board 80/1
Indiana Off the Board 80/1
Iowa 66/1 80/1
Alabama Off the Board 100/1
Arkansas 150/1 100/1
Illinois Off the Board 100/1
Mississippi Off the Board 100/1
Notre Dame Off the Board 100/1
Oklahoma Off the Board 100/1
Oklahoma State Off the Board 100/1
Penn State Off the Board 100/1
Stephen F. Austin Off the Board 100/1
UCLA 100/1 100/1
USC 100/1 100/1
Virginia Tech Off the Board 100/1
Wichita State Off the Board 100/1
Wisconsin 66/1 100/1
Arizona State Off the Board 150/1
Butler Off the Board 150/1
Kansas State Off the Board 150/1
Pittsburgh Off the Board 150/1
Providence Off the Board 150/1
St. John’s Off the Board 150/1
Syracuse 66/1 150/1
Utah Off the Board 150/1
Boston College Off the Board 250/1
California Off the Board 250/1
Davidson Off the Board 250/1
DePaul Off the Board 250/1
Evansville Off the Board 250/1
Georgetown Off the Board 250/1
Georgia Tech Off the Board 250/1
Rutgers Off the Board 250/1
San Diego State Off the Board 250/1
SMU Off the Board 250/1
Stanford Off the Board 250/1
Temple Off the Board 250/1
UMBC Off the Board 250/1
Vermont Off the Board 250/1

Despite the early season losses, the top of the chart stays mostly the same. Kentucky’s odds dropped from 8/1 to 10/1 with the Evansville loss. Duke’s chances dropped from 9/1 to 10/1 after losing to Stephen F. Austin. Kansas stands pat at 10/1 despite their loss to Duke.

And preseason favorite Michigan State is somehow still the favorite, although their odds did drop from 7/1 to 9/1. The Oregon Ducks have seen the biggest jump in the rankings from 28/1 to 14/1. So if you put money on the Ducks this summer, you are in pretty good shape.

Louisville, the new No. 1 team in the country, jumped from 16/1 to 12/1. However, the Cardinals will face the red hot Michigan Wolverines tonight. That will be a great test for Chris Mack’s team. Also, Michigan State will host Duke tonight. So there is a great opportunity for more chaos in this early season.

So what does all this mean? In case you are not a degenerate gambler, let me briefly explain. At 10/1, if you bet $10 on Kentucky to win the national championships, you would get $100 back when they cut down the nets. Had you bet that same $10 this summer when the odds were 8/1, then you would only return $80.

It is somewhat telling that the odds have changed so little. The guys in Las Vegas are really good at what they do, and they seem to think the struggles of these teams early in the season is no big deal. They still expect the four teams from the Champions Classic to have the best chance to win the title in April.

What do you make of Kentucky’s odds?