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Injury update on Nate Sestina and Dontaie Allen

It’s no guarantee either player is able to go in another December game.

Dontaie Allen, Nate Sestina Drew Brown - Sea of Blue

The Kentucky Wildcats are getting set for a trip to Vegas, where they will face Utah on Wednesday, then Ohio State on Saturday.

One big issue with UK right now is the injury bug, which is affecting senior forward Nate Sestina, who is recovering from wrist surgery. When the initial diagnosis came out, it sounded like Sestina could be back in action when the Cats traveled to Vegas.

However, it sounds like Sestina may not return to action this week.

During his Monday call-in show, John Calipari and assistant coach Kenny Payne took turns talking about the status of their team. When it came to Sestina, Payne gave an update that makes it sound like Sestina is unlikely to play this week.

“I’m not sure exactly when he’ll be able to play, but he’s getting in better shape,” said Payne. “He’s starting to run a lot more. My guess is we’ll see him in the next week or two.”

In addition, freshman wing Dontaie Allen is still practicing but almost certainly won’t play this week. During Calipari’s call-in show, he gave a brief update on Allen’s status moving forward.

“Dontaie is practicing, and typically, when he practices and goes hard, he’s on a modified practice,” said Calipari. “If he goes hard, he has to take the next day off. He’s getting more comfortable. But we need to take it slow with him and let him get back and healthy. We don’t want to put him out there at 75-80 percent.”

So, it sounds like UK’s roster will remain dangerously thin for another week or two. Hopefully, Sestina is able to go next week when Louisville comes to Rupp Arena.

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