State of college basketball

I have been a Ky fan for about 47 years and I find it increasingly difficult to watch this watered down state of the games today..All of the good players leave after 1 year, so this creates a state of chaos and continued starting over every year..It means there are very few veteran teams and the product on the floor is very poor in most cases..I just can't find enthusiasm to continue to watch these sad games every year..Fans are the losers in this state of the game..We get tired of watching mediocrity, every year we have to wait until the last few games of the year to hope they come together and gel..So basically they have shortened our enjoyment from a full season to just 4 or 5 games a year..Attendance is down because people don't want to spend their hard earned money on a continually struggling product !!! Not the kids fault !!! I can't wait until the NBA allows the good players to go straight to the pro's..Maybe then and only then will we get veteran teams that develop true chemistry and improve the state of the game...Maybe people will get their love back for the game !! Maybe !!!