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NCAA rules James Wiseman ineligible because Penny got caught

The NCAA ruled Hardaway worked as a booster to get Wiseman and his family moved to Memphis. However, a temporary injunction will allow Wiseman to play.

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According to The Commercial Appeal, a temporary court ruling will delay the NCAA’s ruling that James Wiseman is ineligible.

It sounds like quite the battle between the NCAA and Wiseman is about to ensue.

A Friday night bombshell just dropped, as the NCAA has ruled James Wiseman ineligible, according to Woj.

But oh, it’s so much worse than that. Apparently, the NCAA has determined that Tigers head coach Penny Hardaway helped get Wiseman’s family moved to Memphis and is now considered a booster.

This comes after the Tigers center scored 28 points in a win vs. South Carolina State on Tuesday.

For Kentucky fans, it’s hard to forget how close Wiseman came to becoming a Wildcat. It was all but a done deal until Wiseman’s high school coach, Penny Hardaway, was named Memphis’ next head coach. That relationship was ultimately the deciding factor in Wiseman picking Memphis over Kentucky, and that advantage was apparently was even more unfair than we realized.

Now, it appears Kentucky may have dodged a major bullet. Losing a player like Wiseman this early in the season can be mortally wounding in terms of remaining a title contender.