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Rupp Arena attendance is down, so John Calipari is asking for help

“Let’s go, BBN.”

Calipari Sea of Blue

We all know that the attendance for the Kentucky Wildcats’ first three home games this season has been really low. The pictures of the crowd have been shocking and disappointing.

The attendance number have been so low that John Calipari sent out a video to K-Fund members and basketball season-ticket holders encouraging them to pack Rupp Arena. Luckily, Oscar Combs shared the video on Twitter.

Here is what Cal had to say:

“Alright guys. Here we go again. Typical year. Young team. Probably a few more injuries than we’ve had at this point, but we need that sixth man as we’re going through this. All these teams we’re playing are good enough to beat us. We’re good enough to beat them. We still have a young team.

“Numbers are down. Fans become big in this. Get to those games, put those fannies in the seats, and please be a part of this. Build these kids up as we try to figure all this stuff out together.

“Let’s go, BBN.”

Each game, the attendance has been announced a lot higher than the amount that were actually in the building. Oscar Combs also tweeted out some eye-opening stats regarding the attendance so far this season.

It is disappointing that Cal had to send out that video and that the attendance numbers are so low. However, I honestly don’t see the numbers going up with the strength of the schedule until Louisville comes to Rupp and SEC play starts.

Hopefully I am wrong, and this video will help increase the turnout at these early season games.