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Jay Williams starts a GoFundMe for James Wiseman, which is also an NCAA violation

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What a bizarre situation.

NCAA Basketball: Alcorn State at Memphis Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

The NCAA ruled that Memphis star freshman James Wiseman will not be eligible until January 12th and ordered that Wiseman must also donate the amount of money ($11,500) that Penny Hardaway paid for him and his family to move to Memphis, to a charity of his choice.

We all hate the NCAA, and they did screw Wiseman here as much as Penny Hardaway screwed Wiseman, but it’s probably the right call to rule him ineligible because it is an NCAA violation.

However, that doesn’t stop Jay Williams from acting like a dork and starting up a GoFundMe for James Wiseman, raising money for his donation to a charity.

The kicker? Wiseman can’t use this money as it was donated to him, and if any Memphis boosters donated to it, you bet he’s being ruled ineligible.

I get what Jay was trying to do here, but he just was not thinking with his head on this one. This GoFundMe will accomplish nothing and won’t have any effect on Wiseman’s eligibility.