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Recruiting update on Greg Brown and Cade Cunningham

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Kentucky is going all out to get these two.

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Kentucky is still in the hunt for a few of the nation’s best recruits to add to their already impressive 2020 class as some of their recruitments begin to come down to the wire.

Corey Evans at Rivals wrote an article about the seven hardest to read recruitments from what’s left of the 2020 class. Of the seven, he spoke on both Greg Brown and Cade Cunningham.

UK has picked up steam for Greg Brown ever since they made his most recent list, but it seems like he is still Shaka Smart and Texas’ to lose at this point.

“Not many had an inkling that the Wildcats were involved, which is difficult in today’s age where Kentucky is constantly in the news. However, the Wildcats remain in catch-up mode with Texas, the local program that has invested more into the recruitment of Brown than anyone else. If all goes right in Austin this winter, the likelihood of Brown staying local for college is good,” says Evans.

Brown is an athletic force that would anchor Kentucky’s frontcourt if he were to commit to John Calipari, but it’s still an uphill climb from here. The Longhorn’s performance and Smart’s position at Texas will be interesting to keep an eye on, though, as a poor performance or Smart’s potential firing could help lead the big man to Lexington.

Things are much more optimistic for the Wildcats in the case of Cade Cunningham, who has picked up a lot of Kentucky buzz since his visit during Big Blue Madness.

Cunningham has refuted any leader in his recruitment as of now and has repeatedly said that no one knows what he may do besides himself and anyone within his inner circle.

With that in mind, you still have to like Kentucky’s newfound chances, but Oklahoma State is obviously still a legitimate contender.

“Cade Cunningham is one of the few talents that can single-handedly change the entire national title picture with where he attends college next season. The Cowboys remain the team to beat, but if OSU is 1A, then Kentucky is 1B. No one can credibly say they know exactly where Cunningham will go to college, but there is a general feeling that he will commit by the end of the month with a decision maybe sooner than many presume,” said Evans.

Cunningham is truly as important as he’s been made out to be. Not only would his commitment swing title odds, but it could help swing other huge recruitments, like with Greg Brown, as well. We may not have to wait much longer to find out where Cunningham will attend college now that his official visit tour is complete and, hopefully, all of Calipari’s effort and interaction with Cunningham will amount to a game changing announcement by the end of the month for the Wildcats.

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