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Cade Cunningham and UK target Greg Brown listed as overseas candidates

But we should expect both of these top-10 prospects in college next season.

Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Playing overseas has become a more popular option among high school recruits in recent years.

Among the highly-touted recruits who’ve recently opted for a one-year stint overseas instead of college include RJ Hampton, LaMelo Ball, Terry Armstrong, Anfernee Simons, and to a degree, Darius Bazley, who opted for a one-year stint in the G-League instead of going to Syracuse.

There’s been even more overseas buzz when it comes to the Class of 2020, as big-name recruits like Makur Maker, Jalen Green, Isaiah Todd, MarJon Beauchamp and Jalen Suggs have been rumored to be overseas candidates.

Could a current UK target end up taking that path?

In one of Corey Evans’ recent mailbags, the topic of players most likely to go pro out high school reared its head, and Evans did drop a tidbit of information.

Greg Brown is one of the few big men that the Kentucky Wildcats are going after for the 2020 class, and the interest seems to be mutual, although not as prominent now with the commitment of Cade Cunningham to Oklahoma State. Nonetheless, Brown has Kentucky in his final five.

“There has been rumors that Greg Brown could skip the college route, but I believe he will be on a college campus next year,” Evans said of Brown’s potential to skip college.

In regards to Cunningham, Evans thinks that he still winds up playing college ball for his brother in Stillwater, but overseas could be an option.

“Finally, Cade Cunningham could surprise the nation and try his own hand at that path, but I still expect him to be with Mike Boynton’s program next fall.”

Both of them are more than capable of playing professional ball, whether that be in the NBA or overseas, but expect both of them to be playing in college next season.