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Joe Lunardi breaks down Kentucky’s stock following loss to Evansville

It’s actually quite encouraging.

NCAA Basketball: Eastern Kentucky at Kentucky Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

After the Kentucky Wildcats dropped an embarrassing game to Evansville, the stock for the Wildcats plummeted. They will almost certainly drop out of the top-10, maybe even the top-15, but Joe Lunardi thinks that they are still in line for No. 1 seed come Selection Sunday.

“But the sun will come up in Lexington,” Lunardi wrote. “The season is in no way lost. A No. 1 seed for Big Blue remains very attainable, even the No. 1 overall seed. No one in the Commonwealth should tear up their Final Four tickets,” Lunardi wrote.

Lunardi compared Kentucky’s loss to Evansville to North Carolina’s home loss to Wofford just two seasons ago.

“The most similar loss in recent times came a little less than two years ago when North Carolina fell in Chapel Hill to a rising Wofford program.”

That same North Carolina team ended up 26-11 overall, but ended up securing a No. 2 seed in March.

“This Kentucky team is better than that North Carolina team, and the Wildcats will probably begin proving it as soon as John Calipari regains their attention,” Lunardi wrote. “Meanwhile, we can all assume there will be many more projected top seeds to lose between now and March.”

So all-in-all, the loss obviously hurts the Wildcats as of now, this Kentucky team is far better than they showed on Tuesday night and is only going to get better as the season progresses and should be in the hunt for a 1 seed or even a high 2 seed come March.