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Wednesday Quickies: Historically Bad Loss Edition

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Kentucky’s loss last night is one that will live in infamy

NCAA Basketball: Evansville at Kentucky Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Well, last night actually happened. That was a loss that will rank among the worst in Kentucky Basketball history. Worse than Gardner-Webb, worse than VMI...

But on the optimistic side, I don’t think last night’s game is a bad omen for the rest of the season or a major reason for concern.

I think last night will serve as a wake-up call that this team can’t take games off and take games for granted. Last night looked like a team that wasn’t focused in and wasn’t ready, but there wasn’t much from that game that should be viewed as a fatal flaw.

Last night was bad, but it’s not a game that this team can dwell on, and we as fans shouldn’t dwell on. It’s time to look ahead because this is still a very talented team that can make a run in March.

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You’re right SVP. Sports are goofy.


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