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Calipari says Hagans shouldn’t have played vs. Evansville due to injury

Hagans is battling a leg injury

Ashton Hagans, Nick Richards Jamie Boggs - Sea of Blue

Ashton Hagans struggled in the loss to Evansville, but could at least a portion of his struggles come back to a mysterious leg injury that dates back to last week?

John Calipari seemed to hint at such a possibility after the game.

“He’s a little bit injured right now, so he hasn’t really been practicing, and by not being able to really get after it, that’s his game,” said Calipari after the game “So we’ve got to figure out whether we shut it down completely, and I was trying to say let’s get through this game and take some time. Probably should have had him take the game off.”

Hagans struggled throughout the course of the game, dealing with foul trouble and finishing with three points off 1-8 shooting, two rebounds, three assists, four turnovers and two steals in 24 minutes.

Hagans’ injury, combined with the EJ Montgomery injury, has created a dangerous shortage of players for practice.

“I’ve had to change practice because we’re practicing with seven and eight guys,” Calipari said. “That makes it hard. So I’ve got to figure out a way of Ashton... that wasn’t Ashton today. That wasn’t the Ashton that I know. And I think when you’re not competing every day to bring that out, you’re not going to play that way. That’s on me, not on them.”

Hopefully, we learn more about this injury moving forward that seems to be more serious than what we originally expected a week ago.