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Lynn Bowden calls out fake fans

Bowden has been very vocal about fan support this season.

Jason Marcum - Sea of Blue

Lynn Bowden Jr. has grown into the role of the leader of this year’s Kentucky football team.

Not only has his play and toughness on the field been extraordinary, but the leadership that he imposes over both his teammates and the fanbase has kept this group together through what could have been a disaster of a season.

On the field and through social media, Bowden Jr. has been incredibly thankful of the support he and his teammates have received thus far this season.

After a brutal loss to Tennessee on Saturday night, though, Lynn aimed remarks at any fake fans who “down talk a bunch of college kids” over Twitter.

Bowden came across very no nonsense with these tweets and it’s obvious he means business. It’s understandably frustrating, though, since it seems as if the support can come and go on a week to week basis with this team.

Kentucky has three games left and needs to win two to become bowl eligible. With that in mind, it makes sense why Bowden would want to clear out all the negativity before this pivotal stretch for his team. I believe the coaching staff, his teammates, and the whole fan base would run through a wall for this guy and stuff like this is exactly why.

There’s nothing like a “You’re Either With Us Or Against Us” attitude heading into the final stretch of the season, and it will hopefully lead the Wildcats to bowl eligibility when it’s all said and done.