Watching Michigan State vs Binghamton

I know - who? I have no idea either, but whoever - they are some nameless anonymous team of no consequence, not unlike the "directional" schools the Cats are filling in between real preseason match-ups.

But, this (on the Big 10 network) is interesting following their loss to our beloved Cats. For fun, the Big 10 gamecasters called them the #1 Spartans, ignoring the loss to UK.

But more importantly, it's very interesting to watch the Spartans playing against a vacuum (some nobody) vs how UK played them 'down.'

The point I'm trying to make, after watching this, is that either Michigan State didn't bother to show up against UK in MSG (how likely is that?) or that UK totally disrupted, and hence, shut down, a capable team. Given that Michigan State is not freshman-centric as is UK, and given the supposed value of upperclassmen, I'm thinking that UK rocked the 19-2020 hoops world perhaps more than even I had expected (and in my case, hoped for).

Add this to it: Yes, preseason polls are worth what you pay for them; however, as compared to last year's Champions Classic results (yuck), UK may be in better shape than we had dreamed for a team that on the surface doesn't appear to be as loaded as the 95-96 or 2011-2012 teams.

It might be a productive year.