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Friday Quickies: Lynn Bowden’s time is now

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Kentucky has two weeks off to figure out if Lynn Bowden is the answer at quarterback.

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Jason Marcum - Sea of Blue

After Kentucky won their first two games of the season, the confidence surrounding Terry Wilson was a real buzz.

However, after Wilson went down with a season-ending leg injury during the team’s third game this fall, the ceiling has fell in on the Kentucky Wildcats. Backup Sawyer Smith has not only lost all three starts but hasn’t exactly lit up the opposing defense either. Throw a wrist and shoulder injury into the mix, and all of a sudden, wide receiver Lynn Bowden is now taking first-team snaps at quarterback during practice.

The offense certainly becomes more dynamic with Bowden under center, but does that improve the team overall? Only time will tell as Kentucky prepares for a home matchup with the Arkansas Razorbacks next Saturday.

Tweet of the Day

Bowden has apparently been taking quarterback snaps in practice, pictured handing the ball off to AJ rose (indicating reps with the offensive starters).


Ranking UK’s position units so far - Cats Illustrated

Despite errant penalties, Kentucky’s offensive line has been a bright spot of the Wildcats’ roller coaster season.

Lakers experiment with LeBron James at 1, Anthony Davis at 5 - ESPN

The former Wildcat has expressed his displeasure of playing the center position, but could make the sacrifice this season if it means seriously contending for a championship.

Cats still expected to win five more games (according to the numbers) - Kentucky Sports Radio

Cardinals rally late, hold off Braves ninth inning run to win Game 1 of NLDS - USA Today

After clinching their division down the stretch of the regular season, the Cardinals steal game one against the Braves in their chase for mid-October.

MEDIA DAY: Sestina brings experience to young UK roster - Cats Illustrated

Reid Travis and his transfer to Kentucky was impacted more than just last season, with the addition of Nate Sestina being a prime example.

Somehow, someway, Kentucky could wind up winning more than five games this season.

Percy Harvin says he was high in every NFL game he played - Yahoo! Sports

The former Florida Gator couldn’t “lay off the weeeeeed” during his professional career.

Braves critical of Ronald Acuna Jr. for not running out hit in loss - ESPN

The young All-Star didn’t appear to prioritize “hustle” in his first playoff game of the 2019 postseason.

Russell Wilson’s brilliant night leads Seahawks to thriller over Rams - Yahoo! Sports

The former Wisconsin Badger is working magic in the northwest.