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Dontaie Allen is already a workhorse

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Allen is working his tail off to get prepared for the upcoming season.

After a tumultuous nine months, Dontaie Allen is ready for what comes next at Kentucky Caitlyn Stroh/Lexington Herald-Leader/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

While he may not be a full-go yet, Dontaie Allen is doing everything in his power to be ready to rock when he’s cleared to play this season.

This week, John Calipari gave an update on Allen’s rehab to kick off his media day press conference.

“He has been doing things in the gym, but I think that my guess is that he’s still a month away. He has not been practicing,” said Calipari.

Is Allen’s rehab holding him back? Not at all says Allen’s teammates.

Fellow freshman Keion Brooks Jr. has been impressed so far with how Allen works.

“His work ethic is tremendous. I’ve seen Dontaie in this gym at 2 or 3 in the morning just working as hard as he can to get back,” says Brooks.

Ashton Hagans knows what it’s like to work hard at Kentucky, and even he’s fascinated.

“You come in here at 5:30 in the morning and he’ll be in here running up and down getting up shots with a brace on,” said the sophomore guard.

Hagans even said Allen has been taking, and making, shots near half court in those early hours.

He hasn’t played a game yet, and won’t for some time, but Allen is proving why UK’s staff wanted him. He’s a gym rat that that's taking full advantage of the Craft Center and busts his tail for his teammates and state. Dontaie even confessed to sleeping in the locker room before.

“I’m getting my sleep in, but I just wake up determined. I want it bad,” said Allen.

When John Calipari talks about players who want this, he's talking about players like Dontaie Allen. When you look at this behavior, you can tell Dontaie means what he says and is likely itching to be cleared to play.

It will still be some time, but this is a player Kentucky fans are going to love. He already had an advantage as a Kentucky kid and a knockdown shooter, but now he pairs it with an incredible work ethic?

No one’s entirely sure when Allen will make his debut, but it’s safe to say he’ll become a fan favorite when he does.