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Greg Brown reveals he previously visited Kentucky

The five-star big man visited Lexington for a game, but it’s not clear when it occurred.

HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL: AUGUST 10 Nike Academy Showcase Game Photo by Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Kentucky Wildcats apparently got an unofficial visit from one of the most talented players in the 2020 class — Greg Brown.

There were no headlines or reports about Brown visiting Lexington, but the five-star big man out of Austin, Texas, seems to have broken the news himself in his USA Today blog.

As many of you may remember, it was actually surprising when the Cats were included in Brown’s top-five finalists to begin with because it hadn’t been reported that he even had an offer. As it turned out, he had an offer for months, but it was kept quiet. It appears this visit may have been the same way.

Brown is a 6-9, 195-pound power forward that’s ranked No. 8 overall in the 247Sports Composite Rankings. He’s incredibly bouncy and athletic.

Right now, the Texas Longhorns are seen as the overwhelming favorite, holding all five of his crystal ball predictions. He’s also visited UT several times as he lives just down the road.

However, Shaka Smart’s hot seat coupled with Kentucky’s recruitment of Cade Cunningham could certainly lure Brown away from the Longhorns. Cunningham and Brown played AAU ball together for the Texas Titans and are extremely close.

Brown probably wouldn’t team up with Cunningham at Oklahoma State, but it’s a real possibility at Kentucky. So much so, that I’d actually assume the Cats to be the favorites for Brown if they land CC.

“I think it would be nice to team up with some talented guys in college,” Brown said. “We’ll see what happens!”

As for his unofficial trip to Lexington, it’s unclear when the visit occurred. Based on his description of the atmosphere, it appears to have taken place during a game.

“I’ve visited all of the schools, but Texas was the only official visit that I’ve taken so far...Kentucky was crazy too; it was LOUD in there.”

Brown is planning to visit Lexington again on January 10th. He’s also planning on officially visiting all five of his finalists, which include the Memphis Tigers, Auburn Tigers, and North Carolina Tar Heels, as well as UK and UT.

A decision isn’t expected until the spring, so Brown can see how the rosters (and coaching staffs) shake out over the course of the season. Right now, Texas is the heavy favorite, but that could change very quickly.