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John Calipari visits Jonathan Kuminga

John Calipari took a trip to see the top prospect in the 2021 class, who could reclassify.

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Kentucky already has one of the best recruiting classes in the 2020 class, but the Kentucky coaching staff doesn’t seem content to stop there.

John Calipari was in yesterday to see the top prospect in the 2021 class, Jonathan Kuminga, who could be the best prospect in high school, regardless of clas,s and is reportedly considering a reclassification to 2020.

Recruiting insider Jake Weingarten reported the news of the visit yesterday, and noted that this isn’t the first visit Calipari has paid to Kuminga.

Kentucky is putting a heavy amount of resources into recruiting Kuminga. Kentucky could view Kuminga as a 2020 frontcourt option as a small ball four, and with the possibility of Cade Cunningham, Kentucky could create an absolutely terrifying recruiting class that could run opponents out of the gym, defend and switch, score almost at will, and be loaded with versatility.

Kuminga has long been viewed as a heavy Duke lean, but according to KSR’s Jack Pilgrim, sources close to Kuminga say that isn’t the case and there is actually a decent chance he doesn’t end up a Blue Devil.

That would be quite the surprise to many in the recruiting world who have long pegged him for Duke, but it seems like Kentucky is a major contender with the time and energy that Calipari and the UK staff have invested in recruiting him.

Whether in 2020 or 2021, Kuminga would be a huge get for Kentucky if they’re able to win him over Duke, LSU, etc. It doesn’t seem like a decision is coming soon, possibly in the spring, but it’s absolutely a recruitment to watch moving forward.

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