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Help vote for Tyrese Maxey to win Preseason Player of the Year

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Maxey is taking on the guard he’ll go up against in Game 1.

Greg Goins - Sea of Blue

Kentucky opens their basketball season a week from now against #1 Michigan State.

The matchup between the Wildcats and Spartans is still seven days away, but the two blue blood programs have two players already matched up over social media. March Madness has put on a tournament based on fan voting in a poll to determine their Preseason Player of the Year over Twitter and Instagram.

UK’s Tyrese Maxey made the field as the #11 seed and has now made it to the final round against Michigan State’s Cassius Winston, the #1 seed.

Maxey could very well have a season worthy of this honor when it’s all said and done, but we’ll have to wait and see. It all starts when Kentucky tips off against Michigan State a week from today at the Champion’s Classic on ESPN at 9:30 EST

Winston might be one of the expert’s favorites going into the season, but this is a FAN vote. Big Blue Nation...You know what to do.