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Thursday Quickies: Max Duffy Edition

Kentucky’s punter is on pace for a historic season

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NCAA Football: Kentucky at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

We all knew that Kentucky punter Max Duffy was having a great start to the year. He’s been an exceptionally valuable player early on for Kentucky and leads the nation in punting average.

But Duffy is also having one of the best seasons punting the ball of any punter since 2000.

Duffy’s punting average is higher than the leader each year dating back to 2000. Granted, this is through five games and a lot can change, but it’s clear Kentucky has a real asset in Duffy.

His ability to flip the field makes a major difference and makes up for a lot of “hidden yards” in the course of a game.

I hope Duffy doesn’t have to punt as many times per game but keeps that average high. It’s a great accomplishment for a guy who plays a position that is often undervalued.

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