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Saturday Quickies: Beat Missouri Edition

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It’s a huge home game for the Cats today and a win would ease the Big Blue Nation.

Missouri v Kentucky

Good morning to all of you in the Big Blue Nation.

The Weather today calls for us all to sit back and watch some college football. The Kentucky Wildcats and the Missouri Tigers will faceoff in primetime on the SEC Network at 7:30 PM. Both teams are coming off of losses and are in need of a win.

If the Cats win today then I feel like a bowl game is inevitable. If they lose, I’m afraid the season may be over. Missouri’s defense is legit but their offense sputters at times. Too bad the Cats can’t score or I’d feel much better about this game.

We have no idea which quarterback will start today as we are still waiting to see if Sawyer Smith is ready to play.

Tweets of the Day

This was fun.

Is this the first time the Cats have gone black on black?

The Cards were down by 20 at one point.


Kentucky vs. Missouri storylines | WDRB- I just don’t feel very good about this one today/ I really hope I’m wrong but coming off a bad loss at Vanderbilt should be motivation for the Tigers today.

Bold Predictions for Week 9 | Saturdays Down South- I like this bold prediction!

It’s going to rain in Lexington on Saturday, and in their 2nd consecutive game on a wet track, Kentucky will capitalize on a couple of things it learned at Athens. For one, the sloppy track for a poor road team will cut Missouri’s speed advantage. For another, Kentucky will have to find a few plays in the passing game to make this possible. But without Cale Garrett, they’ll find a way. Mark Stoops might have to sneak out there himself at quarterback, but Kentucky will find a way to pull this out playing at home.

UK wants to showcase toughness against Georgetown tomorrow night | Cats Pause- John Calipari has been preaching toughness from the first day of practice this season. If this team goes far it will be because both Nick Richards and EJ Montgomery adopt this mentality.

Cats return home for a pivotal battle in the SEC East | UK Athletics- The Cats are dead last in the SEC East. It’s almost now or never time for the offense.

UofL gets a reality check against Ohio State in scrimmage | WDRB- I wasn’t buying a top 5 Louisville basketball team and I’m still not buying it. They’re top 15 good but not top five. They have one (maybe two) elite guys and a bunch of dudes.

Anthony Davis sparks Lakers at new position | ESPN- Davis played power forward during his tenure in New Orleans but he’s moved to center for LA. It doesn’t matter where he plays, he’s getting his.

Picks against the spread | CBS- The favorites dominate the picks this week except for when it comes to Notre Dame at Michigan.

Don’t forget to check out the UK Postgame Show brought to you by Kentucky Farm Bureau Insurance! I’ll be on immediately following the game.