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Wildcats’ over/under win total set; earn 1 seed in early bracketology

More high expectations for the Wildcats.

Florida v Kentucky Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

The Associated Press poll is out, the Coaches Poll is out, and there will be an exhibition game in Rupp Arena on Sunday.

College basketball season is upon us!

Ahead of the new season, DraftKings Sportsbook has set the Kentucky Wildcats’ over/under win total at 24.5, which comes out to 6.5 losses.

If Kentucky were to go 25-6 or 24-7, either would be a good record based on the schedule they have, which includes matchups with consensus top-10 teams Michigan State, Louisville and Florida (twice). Ohio State and Texas Tech are ranked inside the top-18 of both polls, while Auburn (twice), LSU and Tennessee (twice) cracked the top 25 in at least one poll.

So yeah, you could find 6-7 loses easily from that bunch. I think most of the Big Blue Nation would be pleased with 24 or 25 wins in the regular season. And that would definitely be enough to contend for a top-2 seed in the NCAA Tournament.

Speaking of, we are also getting early looks of what the NCAA Tournament bracket could look like in March.

Kentucky came in at No. 2 in both major polls, and in the recent bracket prediction by NBC Sports they will be the No. 2 overall seed in March Madness behind Michigan State. And while I am sure Kentucky fans would sign up for a 1-seed right now if they could, there are certainly some things not to like about this particular bracket.

The primary problem with Kentucky’s spot in this projection is the location of their region. The 2019 NCAA Tournament regional sites are in Indianapolis, New York, Los Angeles, and Houston.

Ideally, the Wildcats would play close to home in Indianapolis. But NBC’s Dave Ommen predicts that Michigan State would land in the Midwest Region in Indianapolis. I know Big Blue Nation would enjoy a trip to NYC, but the crowd would certainly be bigger in Indy.

The other top seeds in the New York region in this prediction are Duke (2), Ohio State (3), and Villanova (4). It would be ideal if Kentucky did not have to go through teams that have won three of the last five titles to get to the Final Four in Atlanta.

The SEC is represented by seven teams in NBC’s projection: Kentucky, Florida, Alabama, Auburn, Tennessee, LSU, and Ole Miss. The top four seeds in the tournament are Michigan State, Kentucky, Louisville, and Kansas. If the seeds were to hold, Kentucky could meet Louisville in the Final Four for the second time in the John Calipari era.

What do you think about NBC’s prediction of the 2020 NCAA Tournament bracket? You can see the rest of the field here.