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“99.9% chance” Kentucky plays Detroit-Mercy next season

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The Brad Calipari Bowl.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-Second Round-Buffalo vs Kentucky Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Brad Calipari transferred from Kentucky this past off-season, and truly, Kentucky fans’ hearts still have not recovered from losing Swag Calipari on the sidelines.

However, a Kentucky Wildcats vs. Detroit-Mercy Titans game is in the works for next season, and Detroit coach Mike Davis says there’s a “99.9% chance” that the two sides can get it done.

“His dad owed me a game here next year,” Davis said of Brad Calipari via The Detroit News. “We’d like to pack our gym, have our fans buy up all the seats before Big Blue does.”

Asked about the possibility of Kentucky coming to Detroit, Calipari just smiled, shrugged and said, “You’d have to ask my dad.”

Davis said he puts the odds of Kentucky coming to Detroit at “99.9 percent.”

The game could take place either at Calihan Hall (Detroit’s home arena) or the Little Caesars Arena. If I were a betting man, I’d say it takes place at the Little Caesars Arena, but I really want Kentucky to play at Calihan.

This deal is being made possible, of course, because of Brad Calipari’s decision to transfer to Detroit and Coach Cal and Detroit head coach Mike Davis’ good relationship.

And it’s not unheard of for a blue blood to play at a mid major. North Carolina recently played at Wofford.

It would certainly be a breathe of fresh-air for Kentucky to play an early season road game against a mid-major opponent, so I am all for it.

What are your thoughts on this potential matchup?