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Wednesday Quickies: Cade Cunningham Watch Edition

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With all the visits wrapped up, Cade Cunningham’s decision should be coming soon.

High School Basketball: Geico Nationals Catalina Fragoso-USA TODAY Sports

The basketball recruiting world is heavily tuned into the recruitment of Cade Cunningham, the top guard prospect in the Class of 2020.

By now, you know the Cade Cunningham story. the 6’7” guard from Texas was long considered an Oklahoma State lock after his brother was hired as an assistant coach over the summer. Cade insisted that his recruitment was open, and Kentucky and North Carolina continued to pursue, along with others such as Washington and Florida.

Cunningham just finished his final official visit with a weekend trip to Washington, so now we wait to see where he’ll decide to spend his (most likely) one year in college.

Oklahoma State is still a popular option. They’ve recruited him longer than anyone and the family connection exists. UNC, once thought to be the leader when it became apparent Cade wasn’t locked into Oklahoma State, has recently taken two other point guard commitments and seems like they may be moving on from Cunningham. Washington and Florida are outside threats, but don’t have a lot of buzz within recruiting circles.

And then there is Kentucky. John Calipari and his staff have prioritized Cunningham heavily, investing a lot of time and resources in visiting him and hosting him at Big Blue Madness. Calipari even went to visit him as recently as Monday. There’s no doubt that Calipari and Kentucky have done the work to land Cunningham, who would join a stacked 2020 recruiting class if he opted for the Wildcats.

Cunningham has said in the past he would like to make a decision before his high school season and the rumored announcement time frame seems to focus on the Thanksgiving holiday. However, with all the visits wrapped up, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Cunningham announced a decision sooner and it may just be that the sooner the announcement, the better Kentucky’s chances of bringing in arguably the top player in the 2020 class.

Stay tuned as we’ll continue to provide updates on Cunningham’s recruitment.

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