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Mark Stoops reveals why Xavier Peters is not playing

Peters didn’t even travel to Georgia.


Xavier Peters was cleared by the NCAA just before the Florida game on September 14th. He played only a handful of snaps in that game, but really, we haven’t seen him on the field much this season since he was ruled eligible.

During Stoops’ Monday press conference, he said that Peters did not make the trip to Georgia because “he has a hard time of getting to things on time.” Stoops added that Peters needs to learn the teams expectations, such as showing up on time.

From the sound of it, it sounds like Peters has been late to multiple team events, causing him to sit the Georgia trip out.

Peters transferred to Kentucky from Florida State to be closer to his son. Originally from Cincinnati, Lexington to Cincinnati is only an 80 mile trip, which is one of the reasons why Peters was cleared.

If Peters can get his act together, he can be a big part of a potentially great Kentucky defense next season, though they sure could use him right now.